Control Film Sessions
From Your Phone

Just like the no huddle offense speeds up a football team, the noHuddle Remote will speed up your film sessions. noHuddle Remote is an app for Android and iPhones that allows you to control online film video players from your phone. Easy set up and responsive playback from the noHuddle Remote eliminates the need for specialized remotes.


App Highlights

Designed for Coaches

Developers for coaches, the app has a low learning curve and is drop dead simple to use.

Go mobile

Move fast. Don't keep wondering where someone hid the remote - just use your phone.


Built using the latest technologies - noHuddle is safe and secure.

Save Money

Don't waste your money on bluetooth or corded remotes that cost you hundreds.

Connect over WiFi

Go cordless and connect to your computer over a WiFi network. The remote has unlimited range.

Time Saver

Speed up meeting setup times by using noHuddle Remote.

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Download Our App From Store

Our app is available on both the App Store and Play Store for iOS and Android. In addition to our mobile app, you also need to install our Chrome extension on your computer. You can create an account from our mobile applications, from there you need to sign-in to that account in the extension. Once you navigate to a compatible website - you'll be able to connect!